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DC Overview



The guild was founded on September 22, 2022.
It is currently active.

Team leader is Last Warrior.

General Statistics
Members Total Level Average Level Lowest Level Highest Level
12 2,941 245 Afu-Ra (167) Last Warri.. (379)
Sorcerer Druid Paladin Knight
2 (16.67%) 1 (8.33%) 1 (8.33%) 8 (66.67%)
Guild Members
Rank Name and Title Level and Vocation
the Leader Last Warrior 379, Elite Knight
a Member Mullermilch 196, Elite Knight
a Member Cheester 230, Master Sorcerer
a Member Afu-Ra 167, Elite Knight
a Member Coce 260, Master Sorcerer
a Member Blue Knight 258, Elite Knight
a Member Steve Zissou 340, Elite Knight
a Member Cheetos 222, Elder Druid
a Member Ninjitsu 228, Royal Paladin
a Member Ek'Ran 176, Elite Knight
a Member Unstoppable'Ek 279, Elite Knight
a Member Estet 206, Elite Knight