Dresik 241, Elite Knight..
Gielbi 231, Elite Knight..
Keizah 226, Elite Knight..
Kaczynski 218, Elite Knight..
Virtuoso 206, Master Sorce..
If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe

Download Client
In order to play on Realera, we REQUIRE to use our client to directly connect to the server.
Latest News

Welcome, wanderer, to the fascinating and nostalgic world of Realera Online. Take the role of a valorous adventurer, explore a huge realm of magic and mystery and make friends with people from all over the world!

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See you in game!

2021-10-29 09:17:46
Game Market
With today's server save, we are introducing the market you have been expecting. Keep in mind that it is in the testing phase, we will introduce any corrections to the next save of the server.
2021-10-19 11:23:52
New client - big optimizations.
Dear Players,

We would like to present our new client, in which we have improved practically everything. It is a completely new, optimized client.
Generally it is designed for FPS performance so you should not complain about FPS loss even on older computers.
We did not forget to model it on the previous client so that old habits will not be a problem.
Moreover, players from abroad who have a high ping because of this will notice a special improvement in fluency.
In the near future this client will become the only official client and the previous one will no longer work.
For now it is a beta version, but with your help we will polish it to perfection.
In case of any problems, please contact the administration and you will find a link to the new client on this page.
Please note that we do not compensate for losses caused by the new client, so we still offer the old version.


If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe
Realera Team.
2021-10-07 10:44:53
Upcoming update - Saturday
We would like to present the upcoming update which contains new places, quests, new items, monsters and a new daily boss.
We have provided a few screenshots and a map on how to get there. The exact attributes of the new items can be found in the "Items library".

This update will be fully available this Saturday after server save, Have fun!

Realera Team.
2021-09-26 08:30:32
With today's server save we open Medusa Tower and Deeper Banuta -5, -6, -7, -8 levels.

Additionally, we have added the ability to buy blessings from the NPC Henricus for 6 crystal coins, however he will not talk with us if we havent completed The Inquision Quest.
2021-09-24 17:42:17
First tournament planning and rules!
The GITEJRO team won with the most Frags/Wins (45/7), Congratulations!

GITEJRO Frags/Wins = 45/6
Obsrane Gacie Warriors Frags/Wins = Disqualification
Mexicans Tumba Polakos Frags/Wins = 0/1
Youngers Reload Frags/Wins = 0/5

GUILD VS GUILD(Arena) Time [Frags]
  • GITEJRO(WIN) (Desert) VS Obsrane Gacie Warriors (Nature) 19:00 [45:8]
  • Youngers Reload(WIN) (Nature) VS Mexicans Tumba Polakos (Snow) 19:00 [0:0]
  • Mexicans Tumba Polakos (Banuta) VS Obsrane Gacie Warriors (Snow) 21:00 [0:0]
  • GITEJRO(WIN) (Nature) VS Youngers Reload (Snow) 22:00 [0:0]
  • Youngers Reload(WIN) (Nature) VS Obsrane Gacie Warriors(DELETED) (Desert) 20:00 [0:0]
  • Mexicans Tumba Polakos (Desert) VS GITEJRO(WIN) (Snow) 22:00 [0:0]
  • Obsrane Gacie Warriors(DELETED) (Desert) VS GITEJRO(WIN) (Banuta) 18:00 [0:0]
  • Mexicans Tumba Polakos (Nature) VS Youngers Reload(WIN) (Desert) 20:00 [0:0]
  • Obsrane Gacie Warriors(DELETED) (Nature) VS Mexicans Tumba Polakos(WIN) (Desert) 22:00 [0:0]
  • Youngers Reload (Nature) VS GITEJRO(WIN) (Desert) 20:00 [0:0]
  • Obsrane Gacie Warriors(DELETED) (Banuta) VS Youngers Reload(WIN) (Desert) [0:0]
  • GITEJRO(WIN) (Nature) VS Mexicans Tumba Polakos (Desert) 22:00 [0:0]
  • Youngers Reload (Banuta) vs Mexicans Tumba Polakos (Nature) 20:00 [0:0]
  • Youngers Reload(WIN) (Desert) vs GITEJRO (Snow) 20:00 [0:0]
Arena - the name of the arena from which a team must start war.
Time - war start time also closing the possibility to travel to arenas.
Frags - war result.
Points - Every war won is one point.

  • To join arena you have to travel from Venore by saying for example hi -> arena Desert it costs 500 gp.
  • The war ends when first guild war pass 50 frags or the guild with the most frags after one hour wins.
  • The limit of players that can enter arena from one team is 25. If someone gets killed, another player can enter.
  • Failure to join the war at a given hour is a loss by a walkover.
  • Deleting a guild during a tournament gives all fights by walkover to the opposing team.
2021-09-23 10:11:44
Better connection
Alternative connection for South America players.

We would like to share something useful if you are using Exitlag.
This might help you with the high ping and lags. Here's tested configuration:
  • Login to Warfare - USA (our proxy connection)
  • Open Exitlag search for game 'Otserv'.
  • Use game region 'CA Montreal01' and apply routes.

2021-09-19 09:36:31
Daily Bosses

We would like to present a new update which are so 'Daily Bosses'.
A Swamp Boss named 'Swampling' can be found on Port Hope in a location on the map and the level requirement is 100.
The fire one called 'Deglorath' is located in the underground on the way to the POI and the required level is 150.
An ice one named 'Frostbreath' lives on the ice islands and you have to go through Vega. The level requirement is 200.

Items that can be obtained from these bosses are shown in the picture and their attributes can be found in the items library in the client.
This update comes with tomorrow's server save. Have fun!
2021-09-15 14:32:40
First real money tournament
Dear players,

We would like to announce the first guild war tournament with a prize of 300$.
It will take place one week after the server start and will depend on the number of registered guilds.
The rules of the tournament will be who loses is out, and the determinant will be the number of frags scored.
Which guild will fight with which will be chosen randomly.

Entry rules for the tournament:
  • Only the team leader of their own guild can apply via CTRL+Z. (If a member of the guild applies it will be ignored)
  • Apply only with the name of your guild. (Only apply once, if the guild exists we'll take it under advisement)
  • Applications will be accepted during first week of server start. (from 17.09 to 24.09 at 18:00)
  • Finally we will verify all applications and announce the tournament with detailed information about wars.
If everything goes well we will announce the next turn for $500.

Realera Team.
2021-09-10 10:12:35
Warfare World
Dear Players,

We are finally back after the summer break and we would like to immediately present the long-awaited start of the new world "Warfare".
In general, it will be a bit easier than the other worlds, namely some of the rates will be slightly higher.
During the gameplay, we plan to add new updates such as "Daily bosses", "Dungeons", real money tournaments and many more, of course after we explain exactly what this is all about.
Of course with the time we put in, the quality of the server is improving in every aspect from the technical side and server improvements.
Information about exp rate, loot and so on will be updated in time on the Game Features page so keep it up to date.

We invite you to the opening of the Warfare World on Friday 17th September at 18:00.
If you register and create character one day(24h) before the opening you will get an extra 2 days of Golden Account!

Realera Team.
2021-05-26 09:25:02

To Outfox a Fox Quest

The Ultimate Booze Quest
Added To Outfox a Fox Quest after completing which you get a Mining Helmet as a reward.
Added The Ultimate Booze Quest after completing which you get a Light Shovel and 1000 GP as a reward.
2021-05-21 09:07:01
Nibelor Ice Cave

Nibelor Ice Cave
2021-05-20 09:13:25
Kissing a Pig Quest & Asura Palace

Kissing a Pig Quest

Added Kissing a Pig Quest after completing which you get a Firlefanz as a reward.
We have also opened a new hunting place - Asura Palace!
2021-05-18 07:58:30
Items Colorizing
With today's server save, we are introducing more changes with coloring valuable items. From now colors you set in the Client Options Colorizing Items can also be applied to containers in the game.

This is very useful option in our opinion, as valuable items are immediately marked in the monsters/players corpses. Items are colored by selling price. Of course it is not required for every player to use it, you can just turn it off.
2021-05-13 08:47:12
First of all we want to thank you all again for the amazing support. We had some issues but still we managed to fix them and keep the server stable. We are adding some new things to the game as they are going to be described in the list below.

Edron Hero Fortress

Added new spawn which is located in the Edron.
Added new monsters “Vicious Squire, Renegade Knight, Undead Gladiator, Vile Grandmaster, Blood Priest “. New items that drops from them will be sellable to the Npc’s. Some of the monsters will be added to the category “Strong Undeads” (Medium) and some of them to “Heros” which is (High) so make sure to check that out.

Added new ammunition for a paladin class called Volcanic Arrow as an update. It might be only temporarily in the game, so please keep that in the mind. We just want to hear out your feedback/opinions and then decide if we should keep it or not. As we don’t want to break pvp gameplay they are going to be useful only for pve content – solo + teamhunts.

- Only for paladins.
- Requires 140 lvl to be used.
- Same area attack as a "fireball".
- Costs 100 gp each (can be bought from NPC’s such as Willard / Robert / Perod / Dario / Cedrik / Edoch)
- Has 2 different elements (One is physical against the monsters and one is fire against other players)
- 60% reduction for any player hit by them.

Some additional changes and bug fixes:
- Added x2 regeneration to the soft boots.
- Added new spells "utani hur", "exura dis" and different version of "Annihilator Quest" on the Rookgard Island.
- Fixed the display of Guild Emblems - there are 3 types of them, blue - another team member, red - an opponent in guild wars, and green - our team member.
- Fixed updating Guild Emblem when ending a war.
- Added a Shard item to color in loot messages.
- Fixed the NPC The Orc King and his behavior in the 3rd mission Green / Blue Djin.
- Added the ability to buy the Special Flask / Holy Water item to NPC Henricus, but a started 2nd mission is required.
- Added an additional panel in options where you can set the custom coloring of items in loot channel.
2021-05-11 09:20:20
It's time for another hunting place! This time we are opening the existing Medusa Tower on Port Hope which was blocked. But that's not all, from today's server save you can also change the outfit of your hero, because we added 4 new outfits to the in-game store. This week you can also expect a client update that will allow you to choose your own colors for rare items in loot!

Medusa Tower - Port Hope
2021-05-09 09:06:48

Crocodiles Cave - Port Hope
2021-05-08 07:26:15
Update & Info
Dear players, we would like to apologize for the situation that occurred tonight, at 01:23 AM the server went down. We tried to react quickly and just 20 minutes later we brought the server back to life. The cause was a problem in the cast system, everything worked fine for the last 2 Realera seasons, but this one time it didn't work as it should. The problem has been of course resolved and as of today's save you will be again able to watch other players gameplay.

We know that some of you have lost items that were lying on the map at that moment.
These items will not be recovered, but we are already working to prevent this from happening in the future, and if there are ever any problems with the server, these items will still be waiting on the ground as they were before the server shutdown.

In addition, we announced that we will start loot bonus for the weekend - so we did, for 2 days you can try to get better loot, because its rate is x3 and not x2 as before.

We also introduce 2 new places to gain experience.

Grim Reapers - Drefia

Quara Grotto - Liberty Bay
2021-05-06 11:18:41
Small Patchlog
Here is a small list of things we have fixed today. Some of the changes are already "live" on the server and the others will come out tomorrow after the server save.

First Pits of Inferno on Renestia

- Fixed "death ring" and "shielding" skill increasing/decreasing.
- Increased chances of catching fish from an ice hole.
- Fixed buying letter/parcel from NPC Chemar, from now on it takes money.
- Fixed "mug of wine" sale in NPC Maria.
- Removed all chairs on Reckless Tomb, which before allowed to hunt without monster attack.
- Replaced Parchment with Nomad Parchment in Nomads loot.
- Hightlighted task reward button in tasks window after it's done.
- Added 5 Green Perch, 5 Northern Pike and 5 Rainbow Trout to quest items in game store.
- Fixed brige in Thais undergrounds way to Life Ring Quest.
- Changed promotion scroll image.
- Updated the minimap, now if you discover this will be 100%.
- Fixed HP circle bar in the client.
- Added tasks window bind by using CTRL + T.
- Improved pathfinding for monsters, from now on they will also walk on holes that don't teleport down.
2021-05-05 08:40:50
IMPORTANT! Some players may have experienced issues with Red Skull and frag counts the last few days, the bug has been fixed and everything is working fine.
Remember, 3 FRAGS = RED SKULL.

Forbidden Lands Behemoths Cave

Forbidden Lands Hydras Cave
2021-05-04 09:37:00
Today we introduced coloring rare items in monster loot messages. This is a test phase, we will probably find some bugs, but we reassure you - everything will be fixed. In blue color are items in the 500 - 14999 price range, and in yellow are items above 15000.

- From now you can fish from the body of a Water Elemental.
- Red Apples have been added to NPC Lubo.
- Banker Paulie has been added to the Rookgard, but the ability to transfer money to/from main has been disabled.
- Fixed keywords in NPC Vescu.
- Fixed the frag time calculation after using Golden Account.
- Fixed the bridge on the way to Pits Of Inferno, from now on it will teleport players and items to the right tile when restoring water.
- Increased chances of loot Vampire Shield, Ice Rapier, Boots of Haste, Blood Goblet with Vampire Bride/Vampire Viscount.
- Reduced frag time to 12h with Golden Account and 16h without Golden Account.
2021-05-03 08:31:17
Yesterday we broke our server record again! We are glad that so many of you like our server, we know that you expect from us new places for hunt. So here they are!

Hrodmir Quara Scout Caves

Water Elementals Cave - Folda

This week you can expect more updates that will have a positive impact on gameplay.
2021-05-01 14:27:32
First Day
After the first launching day we have hit a record of 2200 players online on a new world Renestia. That's an insane amount of people and thanks to everyone participating and enjoying your time playing on it. Worth mentioning is that there is a lot of new stuff added on a rookgaard island for people that want to stay there. As a quick summary here are the top players in each category currently.

Level - Wanna Be Czuje, 87
Magic Level - Dzionslo, 55
Fist - Piroka Mistika, 50
Club - Knpcwd, 64
Sword - Ruszczka, 65
Axe - Fefil, 66
Distance - Yordanov Aka Ogar, 78
Shielding - Nenion, 66
Fishing - Marek Mostowiak, 57

As always,
Realera Team
2021-04-29 12:21:17
1 Day
There is only 1 day left until the start of the new server. Therefore we would like to share some details of the changes and thoughts about the future.

New systems
Task system has been changed. Now you can just simply open it by clicking the right option in the client (top left corner) or just by talking to the Grizzly Adams like before which will open the same window- but you need to stay close to him in order to take it. Worth mentioning is that you need to stay in protection zone in order to accept the task. The low and medium tasks have been increased compared to the previous edition and the formula for high and very high tasks has been slightly decreased. Also the categories were changed a bit -some monsters are in the same group instead of being a "single" monster category.
Click here to see Preview.

Loot system – In order to make game more enjoyable we’ve decided to add a new feature which will color the items you drop from the monsters depending on the price. This kind of system will be added some time later to the server since we’re still testing it. Probably first week or so after the new world starts.

New Spawns & Quests

We’ve added few new spawns, mechanics, monsters and quest to the game. If u want to check the details make sure to enter a new tabs on the website to check it out.


Finally we wanted to answer some frequently ask questions.

2 days of Golden account will be added to yours account on the server start date which means 30.04 around 17:55 GMT+2 summer time. All you need to do is have a character on the new world Renestia.
Desert quest is soloable.
Spears are breakable. The chance is around 2%.
Teleport to trainers is in every temple.
You can exchange 100 gold for a platinum coin by simply right clicking on it.
You can buy runes at the npc but if u make them by your own they are x2.
If u want to discover a map in your client, there is an option. Click (?) located on minimap in game.
You can open maximum 4 clients at the same time per one person.

Again thanks to everyone for supporting us and see you tomorrow on Renestia!

As always,
Realera Team.
2021-04-20 07:42:06
Renestia World
We would like to announce what our Players have been waiting for a long time and that is we have created a new world called 'Renestia'.

This world will be based on the same conditions as Realera with the exception of the extra balance in a few aspects such as Tasks or Frags.
Players appreciated a lot of work that we did in previous edition where we added few tens of new updates and fixed few hundreds of game bugs.
Last edition was very popular and together we hit the magic record of 3596 players at the same time!

We would like to invite you to the grand opening of Renestia which will take place on 30.04 at 18:00, moreover we encourage you to register your character now in order to get 2 extra days of Golden account and to familiarize yourself with the game rules.

2021-03-01 08:18:40
Niko Bellic has reached first level 300 on our server. As a reward he was given a shield of honour.
"A mighty shield awarded by the gods.". Congratulations.

Realera Team.
2021-02-21 08:56:25
Golden Outfit Quest

New Quest

Golden Outfit Quest

Added Golden Outfit to the game. The price costs have been changed. You can get it after talking with King Tibianus (Thais) or Queen Eloise (Carlin) or Emperor Kruzak (Kazordoon).
Outfit - 10,000,000 gold (1000cc)
First Addon - 5,000,000 gold (500cc)
Second Addon - 5,000,000 gold (500cc)

As always,
Realera Team
2021-02-15 09:16:40
New Quest

New Quest

What a Foolish Quest

Added new items and outfit – Jester Hat, Jester Staff, Jester Outfit & Addon. You can simply start the quest by talking with NPC Bozo which is located in Thais and joining the Fools Guild.

Big thanks to all the players that are still enjoying and supporting our server! It’s been almost 2 months since it started. We are keep going to update it and try our best. About some rumors that are in the air – we are not going to reset it. We might just open a new world if there is going to be a great interest in the future.

As always,
Realera Team
2021-02-09 10:02:48
New Mount

New Mounts

Two new mounts have been added today, you can buy them in Game Store (our client).
2021-02-04 16:53:50
House Contest
Below we present you the best houses in our opinion. The prizes have been sent to Thais Depo. About the number one, contact us via ctrl+r and choose the item you want.


1. Surprise Mthfcker


2. Czlowiek Respirator


3. Punio Legend


4. Din Mammas Kille


5. Jebac Cwela

#6 (bonus)

6. Fizyk Z Guadalupe and Dominio
2021-02-04 09:28:58

New Spawn

Asura Palace

We’ve added a new spawn which is located in Port Hope.

Added new monsters – Midnight Asura, Dawnfire Asura and Hellspawn. Some of the items that drops from them have been deleted from the loot table and some of them have been replaced for another ones, such as:
  • Magma Coat (Crown Armor)
  • Oriental Shoes (Boots of Haste) – chance to drop is slightly reduced.
  • Necrotic Rod (Volcanic Rod)
  • Underworld Rod (Springsprout Rod)
  • Golden Lotus Brooch (removed)
  • Peacock Feather Fan (removed)
Added new items - Spellbook of Mind Control (Def:16, magic level +2). It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids of level 50 or higher. This item cannot be bought but it can be sold at the NPC Alexander for a price of 13000 gold. Dracoyle Statue - This rare treasure can be charged with a (small emerald). You can use it as a decoration or sell at npc Rashid for a price of 5000 gold. Black Skull - Provides 4 squares of permanent red light or you can use it as a decoration. Gold Ingot - This item can be sold at the Jewelry Shopkeeper NPC’s for a price of 5000 gold.

Additional changes:
Reduced getting experience from Midnight and Dawnfire Asuras by 20%. The reason behind this is that these monsters are profitable but it might be changed in the future.
2021-02-02 09:25:52
House Contest

House Contest

We would like to announce that there will be an ongoing competition for the prettiest and the most unique house on our server.

We will be choosing the best looking house in our opinion and if you are interested in that - you might win some amazing prizes!

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
or or and

1st place – Gets an unobtainable item in the game – You can only choose 1 out of 3. Golden Helmet / Blessed Shield / Dragon Scale Legs, 200 points and Golden Account.
2nd Place – Gets a Golden boots and 200 points.
3rd Place – Gets an Amazon Helmet and 200 points.
4th Place – Gets 100 points.
5th Place – Gets 50 points.

What should you do?
Try to decorate your house (or help your friend if you don’t own one) as best as you can and upload the image via our website or just go to the “Manage account” panel and follow the instructions. We will be waiting till 4.02.2021 10:00 GMT+1 server save for yours applications and then choose a winner on the same day. The top five will be posted on our website at 17:00 GMT+1 and the prizes will be send to them.
2021-01-30 10:07:55
New Items & Quest

New Quest

Koshei the Deathless Quest

Added new items - Blue legs (Arm:8), Koshei's ancient amulet (protection physical +4%).
More updates are going to come out in the upcoming days.
2021-01-26 09:35:49
Medusa Tower

New Spawn

Medusa Tower

We’ve added a new spawn which is located in Port Hope.

Added new monsters – Omnivora and Clay Guardian. Some of the items that drops from them have been deleted from the loot table and some of them have been replaced for another ones, such as:

  • Necrotic Rod (Quagmire Rod)
  • Terra Amulet (Platinum Amulet)
  • Earth Arrow (Arrow)
  • Terra Boots (removed)
  • Carrot on a Stick (removed)
  • Lump of Earth (removed)
  • Clay Lump (removed)

  • Added new items – Spellbook of Enlightenment (Def:18, magic level +1). It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids of level 30 or higher. This item cannot be bought but it can be sold at the NPC Alexander for a price of 4000 gold. Brown, Blue, Green crystal splinters and small topazes. These items can be sold at the Jewelry Shopkeeper NPC’s for different prices.

    Added new outfit for Senior Tutors. If you want to check the support list on our server enter this link
    2021-01-24 09:20:34

    New Spawn

    Liberty Bay Wyrm Cave

    We’ve added a new spawn which is located in Liberty Bay.

    Added new monster – Elder Wyrm. Some of the items that drops from it have been deleted from the loot table and some of them have been replaced for another ones, such as:

    - Lighting Robe (Blue Robe)
    - Lightning Legs (Crown Legs)
    - Lighting Pendant (Platinum Amulet)
    - Lightning Boots (removed)
    - Wyrm scale (removed)

    Added new item – Shockwave Amulet (protection physical +60%, energy +30% (decreased amount from 40%)). It can only be wielded properly by players of level 80 or higher. We think that it can be a good “counter” against Sorcerers if you are going to use it wisely in some situations. You can only drop it from a Wyrm and Elder Wyrm. The chance is also very low. This item cannot be bought but it can be sold at the Rashid for a price of 3000 gold.
    More updates are going to come out in the upcoming days.

    Bug fixes and important information’s:
    - Fixed NPC Hjaern, when a player wrote the dialogue in a wrong way he sold shards instead of giving addon.
    - Added 5% exp bonus for winning team and 2% exp bonus for losing team for 12h in Team Battle.
    - Blocked the possibility of trashing someone's DEPO.
    - Fixed teleport positions on INQ room The Vats.
    - Fixed the item "lute" in the Madareth boss loot (now you can take it with you).
    - Mastermind Potion Quest chest has been fixed.
    - Added lifefluid vial / manafluid vial to Shadowthorn Quest chest.
    - Added missing stealth ring and energy ring for Demona Quest.
    - Filtering of messages on channels has been improved.
    - Fixed saving "Marks" in minimap window.
    - Increased healing with ultimate healing rune for knight.
    - Added mana/hp circe and top bars to client in options.
    - Fixed some houses where things hanging on the wall were disappearing.

    These are just some of the things that have been done recently.
    2021-01-15 09:56:51
    The Inquisition Quest

    The Inquisition Quest

    Starting off, we would like to thank you all for the amazing support and the suggestions that we get from you on daily basis. We really appreciate a lot that you are participating in our tibia 8.0 project. It has been quite a long way already from the day the server has started (18.12.2020) - almost a month. There were some issues, bugs from the beginning (and still are) but we are trying our best to fix them as soon as possible and we just wanted to emphasize that we will keep doing it.

    Before we start to discuss the changes that we’ve implemented to The Inquisition Quest, we would like to inform you about the increased LOOT RATE to x3 from 16.01.2021 10:00 to 18.01.2021 10:00.

    To start the quest you will need to talk to the NPC Henricus which will be added at 15:00 GMT+1 15.01.2021 in Thais.

    1. You will NOT be able to buy all the “blesses” at the NPC Henricus after finishing the quest. We think that it would destroy the “feeling” and the gameplay of the 8.0 version (but we don’t want to say that this option will never be added).

    2. Added dwarven legs (Arm:7, protection physical +3%) as an additional reward for every class.

    3. Changed the statistics of two items:
    - Fireborn Giant Armor (Arm:15, club fighting +2, sword fighting +2, axe fighting +2, protection fire +5%). Only for knights.
    - Robe of the Underworld (Arm:12, magic level +1, protection physical +2%). Only for sorcerers and druids.

    4. Increased the damage, health and the frequency of the spells from bosses to make it even more challenging.

    Speaking about the bosses, we haven’t added partial immunity like it was back in the day but instead – they are fully resistant to some elements. Worth mentioning is that SD and UE are physical damage on this version.

  • Ushuriel - fully immune to physical damage.
  • Zugorush - fully immune to physical damage.
  • Madareth - fully immune to physical and energy damage.
  • Latrivan - fully immune to physical and fire damage.
  • Golgordan - fully immune to physical damage.
  • Annihilon - fully immune to physical and energy damage.
  • Hellgorak - fully immune to physical, energy, fire, poison damage.

  • Finally – we have also added Demon Hunter Outfit & Addon to the game.

    Realera Team.
    2021-01-12 10:59:50

    New Decorations

    - New decorations added to 'Store'.
    - Added better filtering of messages on auction channel.
    - Fixed bug in battle window sorting by 'guild members'.
    - Fixed Skullcracker armor now only 85 Knight can use.
    - Fixed Annihilator door so that it closes after moving the main lever.
    - Changed design of Golden Account doll and Promotion Scroll to avoid scamming.
    2021-01-10 10:13:49
    New Mounts, Event Information

    New Mounts

    Three new mounts have been added today, you can buy them in Game Store (our client).

    Additionally we would like to invite you all to today's team battle event which will take place at 18.00. There will be a limit of 150 frag, the required character level is 60. Why should you participate in it?
    Since the winning team will receive a 5% experience bonus and the losing team will receive 2%. For 24 hours.
    This time area spells will be completely blocked, so that the game is more than just running on the map.
    2021-01-09 09:31:15

    New Spawn

    Reckless Tomb

    We’ve added a new spawn which is located in Darashia. Make sure to check it out to find more details!

    Also we have changed PVP Experience which was very bad last time, now it has limitations and should be much better.
    Main changes:
    - You can receive experience max 5 times from one player ( reset after server save )
    - Each murder of the same player reduces the amount of experience by 10%.

    Last thing that we want to emphasize is that the low level protection has been changed. Now the killer needs to be above level 100 and the "victim" has to be lower than 60. Before it was(80/40).
    2021-01-08 10:17:49
    Update and Weekend Bonus
    Weekend is coming! We would like to inform you about the increased LOOT RATE to x3 from 09.01.2021 10:00 to 11.01.2021 10:00.
    It's a good time for those who have delayed starting the game with us, but also for those who would like to make a little bit of money.
    You can also expect updates in the coming days..

    - Changed monsters that are drawn in the "boosted creature" lottery (from now only from tasks)
    - New channel Auction Announcements added.
    - Fixed frag system, from now on, damage dealt with mana does not count as frag.
    - Added more monsters to Frozen Trench.
    - Fixed Djin and Rashid's NPCs (more specifically, instant sell/buy)
    - PVP EXP is restored for killing players.
    - Fixed addon allocation in Beggar Outfit Quest.
    - Added the possibility to cancel the auction on the website.
    - Added opportunity to sell Legion Helmet to NPC Robert for 22gp.
    - Added auxiliary messages at the NPC Noodles when we want to give up the sweeps in the wrong order or just don't have them.
    - Improved waking up people in beds.
    - Added the ability to set yourself a title in Guilds.
    - Added display of Red Skull icon next to the character in Auctions.
    - From now on Grizzly Adams after cancelling the task does not stop talking to the player, we can still continue.
    - Fixed attack blocking when using vials etc.
    - The "partial immunity" system in newly added monsters has been removed.
    - Added 'Guild Members' filtering options to battle window in the client.
    - Fixed Soul Fire rune.
    - Fixed loot of all Quaras.
    - Fixed loot of Blightwalker.
    - Christmas decorations have been removed.
    - Missing house in Ab'dendriel 'Treetop 9' added.
    - Missing house 'Darashia 7, Flat 04' added.
    - Damage reductions for the UE are set at 6 and above.
    2021-01-04 10:57:50
    Another Update
    - Added "bring me to liberty bay" options to Jack Fate on Goroma.
    - Fixed the time display in Experience History on the page.
    - Fixed the wobbling lever on Edron (you know where).
    - Improved access to magical grids in Astral portals mission in Explorer Society.
    - USA Proxy server corrected, from now on it should work without problems.
    - Improved Calassa flow at Captain Max (now requires a conversation with NPC Berenice).
    - Added possibility to sell demonic essences to the NPC "The Bone Master" and "The Dream Master" for 350gp each.
    - The missions of The Undersea Kingdom in the Explorer Society, more specifically the NPC Berenice, which gave the same missions over and over again if you wrote "mission".
    - Improved Dotpay system points allocation (more precisely, full amount of points when buying with tens of e.g. 12.50).
    - Improved purchase of the Atlas from NPC Berenice (required rank of Relic Hunter in Explorer Society).
    - Added possibility to transfer items between teleports to HOIST.
    - Fixed the range/attack of "exevo flam hur" spell.
    - Added information about who the "magic wall" belongs to, just give Look at it.
    - Added possibility to throw people out of guilds for leaders.
    - Improved donation of books to NPC Costello in The White Raven Monastery Quest.
    - Fixed the loss of life fluid from Dward Guard.
    - Fixed /unban command (for support).
    - The window storage in the client was optimized, earlier it started to lag when the config was getting big.
    - Fixed the magic walls bug on the way to the Banshee Quest.
    - The corpse of the Serpent Spawn monster has been fixed, earlier it was overhauled.
    - Earth Elemental monster corrected.
    - Fixed bug with saving battle, skills, vip etc.
    - Added condition energy removal and drowning to NPCs temple.
    - Santa Claus event ended.
    - Removed possiblity to take wand of plague every server save in Kazordoon.
    - Additional floor in DP on darashia added.
    - Corpse of Water Elemental improved.
    - Added options to discover 90% of the minimap in the Client.
    - Desintegrate has been improved, earlier it could be used in a house.
    - Increased Sea Serpents spawn.
    2020-12-26 16:00:33
    29.12.2020 we will be launching "team battle event" around 6 PM CEST.
    Get ready for it!

    - Added possibility to sell items using “instant” command. For example “instant sell 5 white pearls”.
    - Added “instant withdraw” and “instant deposit” [x]/all command.
    - Removed NPC Buddel which was located in the north from Barbarian Settlements. (He shouldn’t exist there on this version of the game.
    - NPC Kenny now reacts to the word “shard” instead of “shards”.
    - Deleted “dead wyrm” from monster loot.
    - Added "shovel" to NPC: "Bertha", "Zora" for 50 gp.
    - Added option “bring me to anvers” to NPC Nielson, costs 10gp.
    - Added option “bring me to tibia” to NPC Nielson, costs 10gp.
    - Changed the login length limit when creating an account to 8 digits instead of 10.
    - Fixed the lever on the way to “Life ring quest”.
    - Fixed using rope in one place on the way to POI quest.
    - Added „muting option” for Tutors in World chat channel.
    - Added possibility to sell “bloody edge” to the NPC Rashid for 30k.
    - Fixed the task counting when using “exura sio” as a druid.
    - Fixed the task counting when the monster is killed by “summoned monster”.
    - Fixed “pushing people” out of the doors if there is a magic wall, pot or another item which is blocking the way on next sqm.
    - Fixed NPC Nielson that teleported players even with “skulls”.
    - Fixed "name change" on the page in the shop, now correctly changes every server save.
    - Changed the required magic level for the "fire wall rune" from 13 to 6.
    - Fixed "capacity" for "destroy field rune".
    - Reduced the paralysis for Ice Golem.
    - Slightly increased the loot from Cults.
    - Fixed a bug in Postman Quest - Mission 7: Measurements.
    - Added a shortcut “ctrl+b” to open “battle” in client.
    - Fixed a lot of “map bugs”.
    - Soul points needed to make a Great Fireball Rune were changed from 3 to 2.
    - Fixed the following monsters - Hellhound, Dark Torturer, Hellfire Fighter, Fury, Nightmare, Destroyer, Plaguesmith, Crystal Spider.
    - Fixed a bug with NPC Borkas which was giving a statue instead of a barrel.
    - Increased Frost Dragons' respawn on Anvers Island and removed Crystal Spiders.
    - Fixed gate of expertise on the way to the Pits of Inferno quest.
    2020-12-24 11:16:50
    Merry Christmas

    May the miracle of Christmas bring you love and joy,
    May the New Year open of the happiness door,
    May all of your dreams come true,
    Let you and your loved ones stay healthy!

    We wish you all the best,
    Realera Team
    2020-12-22 10:43:21
    - Added the Dragon Lords Dragon Exposition in Darashia.
    - Added the Behemoths and Hydras expositions in Forbidden Lands (separate places, but side by side).
    - The Cult Exposition on Anvers was enlarged.
    - Reduced Ice Witch monsters on Anvers.

    - Increased server limit to 4500 players.
    - Improved "bring me to" in all NPCs.
    - Increased capacity limit when moving objects (e.g. parcel).
    - Improved Tasks on the website.
    - Removed 2 blackboards in Ankrahmun depo, which were from the previous edition.
    - Slime's body was fixed, from now on it disappears properly.
    - Added display of digging location to Treasure Map (fake).
    - Gently changed spell formulas: exori, exori gran, exori hur, exori mas.
    - The teleport was moved to trainers in Kazordoon to the place where PZ.
    - Reduced "exp boost" for "boosted creature" from 100% to 20% (100% is too much on version 8.0)
    - Fixed the picture in the page store at "Draptor" mount.
    - Female outfits in Game Store improved.
    - Added options to sell Copper Shield for 50 GP to NPC Robert.
    - Improved speed of the Larva monster.
    - Use of items from houses to which you do not have an invitation is blocked (after next server save, 23.12)
    - Fixed the attack of the "Bug" monster.
    - Swimming on the Tyrsung Island has been improved after the start of the respective mission.
    - Improved the appearance of the Earth Elemental monster.
    - Fixed client shutdown when you want to enter the cast list (after next server save, 23.12)
    - Fixed the amount to use when creating a magic wall rune.
    - Improved chances of breaking in Enchanted Spear, Royal Spear.
    - The chances of making an elephant with ice cube (obsidian knife) were increased.
    - Accelerated green stamine regeneration on trainers from 10:1 to 6:1.
    - New "Team Search" channel added, you can write there once every 2 minutes.
    - The "quagmire rhodium" falling out has been improved (fell out "mill board") from Elder Beholder.
    - Loot from the "Dark Torturer" was corrected.
    - Improved "envenom rune".
    - Added opportunity to sell "golden mug" at NPC Wyat for 250gp.
    - Loot from Ice Witch corrected.
    - The attacks of the Devil have been corrected.
    - Added Thornback Tortoise to tortoises task.
    - Fixed a bug in the bank if you added spaces to the person you are sending the money to.
    - Added additional DEPO on -1 in Ankrahmun.
    - The foods have been improved, now everyone gives a little more.
    - Increased the chances of digging up Scarab Coin.
    2020-12-19 14:36:01
    After a long search for a problem related to the lags, we managed to find and fix it.
    We are very sorry for this and will offer to increase the loot rate to 3x for the weekend as a compensation.

    2020-12-18 17:35:39
    Client Download
    If you have issues with downloading the Client use this link:
    2020-12-07 10:57:17
    New Season
    Dear players,

    We come back with a new edition of Realera 8.0 server, and at the very beginning we would like to boast a record of the last and the first time the server had 1200 players online! Moments have passed since the previous meeting, but during this time we have been improving the server in every possible aspect.

    We would like to briefly describe what has been added, changed or improved.

    - We've added a lot of new things to the game client, including an improved 'Cast System' and 'Game Store' icons for useful panels, so you don't have to go to the main page anymore.
    - The gameplay itself has been improved with a new ice island with 6 new respawns and new quests.
    - The outfitting system has been improved with 'Player Mounts' so that the player's character is unique.
    - A 'Tasks' calculator has been added to the website which helps to calculate the prize before starting the task. For better spell information we have added 'Spells' wiki.

    Due to the fact that this time the exp rate is lower, we decided to activate the 'Green Stamina (premium)' which gives +50% of the experience for 2 hours.

    Most importantly, we have saved a lot of mistakes caught in the previous edition for which we especially thank our players who sent reports and shared their knowledge about 8.0.
    We invite you to familiarize yourself with the 'Game Features' that are always available, with detailed information such as exp rate, frag system and the like.

    Realera Team.