Gielbi 220, Elite Knight..
Virtuoso 206, Master Sorce..
Tego Zielone.. 196, Elite Knight..
Bartektituu 194, Master Sorce..
Kaczynski 187, Elite Knight..
We would like to present our new client, in which we have improved practically everything. It is a completely new, optimized client.

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In order to play on Realera, we REQUIRE to use our client to directly connect to the server.
Support List

Realera has appointed the following persons as "gamemasters" who have the power to stop destructive behaviour in the game or on the official website by penalising, banishing or deleting characters or accounts.

To report a violation of the Realera Rules please use the "rule violation report" by pressing Ctrl+R in the game. Moreover, you may contact a gamemaster concerning general questions on rule violations or banishments at the gamemaster board. Please understand that you should not message gamemasters directly in the game.

An additional option to contact the server and build a larger Realera community is to join our Discord.

Support List
Group Name Last Login
Senior Tutor Addelyn Moon Sep 25 2021, 07:20:54 CET
Senior Tutor Plakietka Ucze Sie Aug 24 2021, 22:25:27 CET
Senior Tutor Addelyn Sep 24 2021, 09:49:04 CET
Senior Tutor The No Face Jul 27 2021, 01:26:22 CET
Tutor Ziobro Ty May 21 2021, 16:06:00 CET
Tutor Clown Fiesta May 17 2021, 19:46:18 CET
Tutor Xayah Jun 08 2021, 10:25:24 CET
Tutor Mint Mage Sep 27 2021, 22:18:20 CET
Senior Tutor Halsey Knight Sep 27 2021, 19:30:36 CET
Senior Tutor Community Manger Oct 19 2021, 14:59:24 CET
Senior Tutor Tego Czarnego Oct 19 2021, 14:25:31 CET