Grajczyk 293, Elite Knight..
Mi Chu Ja 263, Royal Paladi..
Dennis The M.. 250, Royal Paladi..
Cheef 245, Elite Knight..
Niight Buste.. 245, Master Sorce..
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Alliance MxBr Overview
Red Roses

Alliance MxBr

Red Roses

The guild was founded on October 1, 2021.
It is currently active.

Team leader is Xtasis Pvp Vip.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title Level and Vocation
the Leader Xtasis Pvp Vip 131, Master Sorcerer
the Leader Iaanzin The Bruto ( LAAAAAAAG ) 121, Royal Paladin
a Vice-Leader Swamp Trol 91, Master Sorcerer
a Member Rocke ( Gyn ) 132, Elite Knight
a Member Tavin 54, Elder Druid
a Member Unlimited 120, Master Sorcerer
a Member Lipeexzenho 86, Royal Paladin
a Member Cachero Old 74, Elder Druid
a Member Jardineiro Do Verde 90, Elder Druid
a Member Freson Da Tank ( ChuyinMx ) 99, Royal Paladin
a Member The Madu 108, Elder Druid
a Member Pramim Jadeu 82, Elder Druid
a Member Revenger Lothrus Salamaleikum 79, Royal Paladin
a Member Archangel El Mito 91, Royal Paladin
a Member Archangel Poderoso 98, Royal Paladin
a Member Archangel Nutella ( MGB ) 85, Master Sorcerer
a Member Jamal Maconheiro 100, Elder Druid
a Member Uesx ( Dorense ) 125, Royal Paladin
a Member Xad 112, Royal Paladin
a Member Kaizera 115, Elite Knight
a Member Tonny Montana ( zavala ) 113, Elder Druid
a Member Reitsio 70, Elite Knight
a Member Keny 89, Elite Knight
a Member Brunninha Nina ( PraFoda ) 90, Royal Paladin
a Member Exu 48, Paladin
a Member Dsk Sds 46, Master Sorcerer
a Member Marcaozord ( SCdomina ) 93, Master Sorcerer
a Member T A V I N 48, Master Sorcerer
a Member Bartt 71, Master Sorcerer
a Member Leo Graia 77, Royal Paladin
a Member Pladin 97, Royal Paladin
a Member Mage Mala 55, Master Sorcerer
a Member Lous Bland 78, Elder Druid
a Member Athos ( Dale ) 104, Master Sorcerer
Invited Characters
Character Invitation Date
Alma Marcela October 1, 2021
Valtteri Bottas October 1, 2021
Peiinek October 1, 2021
Guxtavaum'Notmacred October 2, 2021