Grajczyk 293, Elite Knight..
Mi Chu Ja 263, Royal Paladi..
Dennis The M.. 250, Royal Paladi..
Cheef 245, Elite Knight..
Niight Buste.. 245, Master Sorce..
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Viruski Overview
Red Roses


Red Roses

The guild was founded on September 20, 2021.
It is currently active.

Team leader is Anty Virus.

Guild Members
Rank Name and Title Level and Vocation
@@@ Anty Virus 108, Royal Paladin
@@@ Alpa Chino 106, Royal Paladin
@@@ Arasher Bobasek 86, Master Sorcerer
@@@ Jadenarezerwie 81, Royal Paladin
@@@ Don Wodiak 110, Master Sorcerer