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In order to play on Realera, we REQUIRE to use our client to directly connect to the server.
Latest Update

New Monsters

We’ve added couple of new monsters to challenge you even more!
Sea Serpent, Medusa, Bog Raider, Eternal Guardian, Wyrm, Massive Fire Elemental
The loot table have been changed for these monsters.

New Items

We’ve also added new items to make the game even more unique!
Zaoan Sword, Composite Hornbow, Wand of Draconia, Wand of Starstorm, Northwind Rod, Springsprout Rod, Skullcracker Armor, Paladin Armor, Crystalline Armor, Belted Cape, Spirit Cloak, Focus cape

To balance it even more, we’ve decided to make some changes that will fit into 8.0 version.
Skullcracker Armor - (Arm:14, protection physical +3%)
Crystalline Armor - (Arm:13, protection energy +2%).
Northwind Rod - (Element - Energy)
Springsprout Rod - (Element - Poison)

New Spawns

Deeper Banuta -5,-6,-7, -8 levels.

Drefia Wyrm Lair

Sea Serpent Area

Bog Raider and Earth Elemental Edron Cave

Mother of Scarabs Lair

New Quest

We’ve also added “The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest”.

To quickly sum it up:

Zaoan Sword-drops from an Eternal Guardian
Composite Hornbow, Wand of Draconia, Wand of Starstorm, Focus Cape- drops from a Wyrm
Northwind Rod, Spirit Cloak, Focus Cape, Crystalline Armor- drops from a Sea Serpent
Springsprout Rod, Paladin Armor, Belted Cape – drops from a Bog Raider
Skullcracker Armor- drops from an Undead Dragon

Worth mentioning:
All of those items are sellable.
You can buy wands and rods in the magic shops.
Added NPC Lailene in Edron.

Finally, if you enjoy the server so far and you care about its future, feel free to share your opinion regarding the upcoming quest that might be added to the game-in the poll below. Thanks in advance.