Grajczyk 293, Elite Knight..
Mi Chu Ja 263, Royal Paladi..
Dennis The M.. 250, Royal Paladi..
Cheef 245, Elite Knight..
Niight Buste.. 245, Master Sorce..
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In order to play on Realera, we REQUIRE to use our client to directly connect to the server.
Quick Looting
EN or PL

If you want items that don't have a selected backpack in the categories on the left to always be moved to your main backpack, you need to have "Use main container as fallback" checked (1).
Note: If this option is checked, all items will be transferred to your main backpack!

Similarly, if we have selected a backpack for Unassigned Loot (2), all items that do not have an assigned backpack in the categories will be collected there. The difference is that here we can set a specific backpack (instead of the main one from the previous option) to which we want to collect items.

The rest of the categories are only available to Golden Account players.

When you select a backpack for a specific category (3) all items will be collected, i.e. for Armors all armors will be collected, similarly for Gold all gold coins, platinum coins etc. will be collected.

We can change this by adding items by name to the list on the right side (4), after adding items only those on the list will be collected!

Correct set of Quick Loot: