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In order to play on Realera, we REQUIRE to use our client to directly connect to the server.
New Spawns
Asura Palace
Bog Raider and Earth Elemental Edron Cave
Bog Raiders and Hydras Ankrahmun
Cormaya Dwarf Cave
Crocodiles Cave - Port Hope
Cults Spawn Edron
Darashia Dragon Lair
Dark Torturers Anvers
Deeper Banuta -5, -6, -7, -8 levels
Dragons - Liberty Bay
Drefia Wyrm Lair
Edron Hero Fortress
Edron Vampire Crypt
Forbidden Lands Behemoths Cave
Forbidden Lands Hydras Cave
Giant Spiders Forbidden Lands
Grim Reapers - Drefia
Grim Reapers Drefia
Hrodmir Quara Scout Caves - Svargrond
Hydras Goroma-Talahu
Island Castle
Liberty Bay Wyrm Cave
Medusa Tower
Mother of Scarabs Lair
Nibelor Ice Cave
Nightmares Formorgar Mines
Quara Grotto - Liberty Bay
Reckless Tomb
Sea Serpent Area
Serpents Spawns Goroma-Talahu
Tiquanda Dwarf Cave
Undead Dragons Anvers
Undead Edron
Water Elementals Cave - Folda
Wyvern Venore