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2021-05-08 08:26:15
Update & Info
Dear players, we would like to apologize for the situation that occurred tonight, at 01:23 AM the server went down. We tried to react quickly and just 20 minutes later we brought the server back to life. The cause was a problem in the cast system, everything worked fine for the last 2 Realera seasons, but this one time it didn't work as it should. The problem has been of course resolved and as of today's save you will be again able to watch other players gameplay.

We know that some of you have lost items that were lying on the map at that moment.
These items will not be recovered, but we are already working to prevent this from happening in the future, and if there are ever any problems with the server, these items will still be waiting on the ground as they were before the server shutdown.

In addition, we announced that we will start loot bonus for the weekend - so we did, for 2 days you can try to get better loot, because its rate is x3 and not x2 as before.

We also introduce 2 new places to gain experience.

Grim Reapers - Drefia

Quara Grotto - Liberty Bay
2021-05-06 12:18:41
Small Patchlog
Here is a small list of things we have fixed today. Some of the changes are already "live" on the server and the others will come out tomorrow after the server save.

First Pits of Inferno on Renestia

- Fixed "death ring" and "shielding" skill increasing/decreasing.
- Increased chances of catching fish from an ice hole.
- Fixed buying letter/parcel from NPC Chemar, from now on it takes money.
- Fixed "mug of wine" sale in NPC Maria.
- Removed all chairs on Reckless Tomb, which before allowed to hunt without monster attack.
- Replaced Parchment with Nomad Parchment in Nomads loot.
- Hightlighted task reward button in tasks window after it's done.
- Added 5 Green Perch, 5 Northern Pike and 5 Rainbow Trout to quest items in game store.
- Fixed brige in Thais undergrounds way to Life Ring Quest.
- Changed promotion scroll image.
- Updated the minimap, now if you discover this will be 100%.
- Fixed HP circle bar in the client.
- Added tasks window bind by using CTRL + T.
- Improved pathfinding for monsters, from now on they will also walk on holes that don't teleport down.
2021-05-05 09:40:50
IMPORTANT! Some players may have experienced issues with Red Skull and frag counts the last few days, the bug has been fixed and everything is working fine.
Remember, 3 FRAGS = RED SKULL.

Forbidden Lands Behemoths Cave

Forbidden Lands Hydras Cave
2021-05-04 10:37:00
Today we introduced coloring rare items in monster loot messages. This is a test phase, we will probably find some bugs, but we reassure you - everything will be fixed. In blue color are items in the 500 - 14999 price range, and in yellow are items above 15000.

- From now you can fish from the body of a Water Elemental.
- Red Apples have been added to NPC Lubo.
- Banker Paulie has been added to the Rookgard, but the ability to transfer money to/from main has been disabled.
- Fixed keywords in NPC Vescu.
- Fixed the frag time calculation after using Golden Account.
- Fixed the bridge on the way to Pits Of Inferno, from now on it will teleport players and items to the right tile when restoring water.
- Increased chances of loot Vampire Shield, Ice Rapier, Boots of Haste, Blood Goblet with Vampire Bride/Vampire Viscount.
- Reduced frag time to 12h with Golden Account and 16h without Golden Account.
2021-05-03 09:31:17
Yesterday we broke our server record again! We are glad that so many of you like our server, we know that you expect from us new places for hunt. So here they are!

Hrodmir Quara Scout Caves

Water Elementals Cave - Folda

This week you can expect more updates that will have a positive impact on gameplay.