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LOOT WEEKEND! Over the weekend (13.08.2022 10:00 - 15.08.2022 10:00) the loot rate is increased to 3.5x!
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Welcome, wanderer, to the fascinating and nostalgic world of Realera Online. Take the role of a valorous adventurer, explore a huge realm of magic and mystery and make friends with people from all over the world!

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2022-02-15 10:10:44
Big thanks to the players from the administration for breaking the magic number of 3000 thousand players yesterday, it motivates us even more to improve the game for you, thank you.

Changes and improvements that are coming out with today's server save:
  • Increased by floor ring Grim Reapers resp on drefia
  • Mines on Svargrond increased by one floor
  • Fixed nickname change after saving the server
  • Fixed limit for items in quick loot (5 for facc, 25 for golden account)
  • Added sorting of auctions on the page (auctions from the Spectrum world are displayed first)
  • Blocked the possibility of listing characters on auctions when account is banned
  • Corrected generation of a new recovery key in the store
  • Implemented raids on the server
  • From now items from inventory are not taken by NPCs when selling items (after next server save)
  • Spread with avalanche slightly reduced
  • Follow no longer interrupts
  • Fixed some map bugs
  • At first 15 seconds after server save players are protected from monster attacks
Realera Team.
2022-02-13 11:14:33
After today's server save we are making the following changes and improvements:
  • Added toggle topmenu option to the client
  • Changed soul needed on GFB from 2 to 3 as it should be
  • Changed that avalanche can only be used and done by druids
  • Added new red skull icon to "editvip"
  • Realera scrolls replaced by Realera coins in the store
  • Added new items tasks in old tasker Grizzly Adams, this npc will tell rewards.
  • Fixed houses lists, now you can allow everyone to enter by using "*"
  • Fixed party shields in shared exp
  • Fixed game store error when buying products
  • Added command !emote on/off to enable emote spells (orange spells color)
  • Runes bought in market will be packed in backpacks
To avoid possible problems with the store we recommend restarting the whole client.

Realera Team.
2022-02-11 18:45:25
If you want to turn off collecting items from monster bodies automatically, do the following:
  • 1. uncheck the "Use main container as fallback" option
  • 2. click the "X" button to delete your backpack in the "Unassigned Loot" category
If you have problems with the old client, we recommend switching to the new one.
2022-01-26 09:20:03
New world - Spectrum
Winter holidays is a good opportunity to once again unite the Realera community so we decided to give them this chance and open a new world which is the "Spectrum".
As we are still developing our project, we also want to inform you about the changes and improvements that we will implement in the new world. Some of them will be immediately, some after the start.

Changes and improvements related to the game server:
  • This time the servers are running on a new much better machine than before. This will improve the fluidity and comfort of the whole game.
  • All deposits are now global. This means that in every city you have the same things in the DP.
  • Added Avalanche rune which deals ice damage. Druid will be more appreciated because of this.
  • Added so called "Daily Siege" north of Ankrachmun. Requirements are minimum level 50 and gold nugget.
  • New bosses have been added which will respawn once a week at the appointed time.
  • A new War Event has been added. Details of this event will be announced during the game.
  • Tasks limit has been removed but the reward in this case has also been decreased a bit. This will make the tasks more repeatable in the long run.
  • The power of Mage spells has decreased slightly. High level characters with the mage profession were a bit too strong.
  • New map, Quests and monsters will be introduced after the start of the new world.

Changes and improvements to the game client:
  • Added new "Auto Looting" system. It automatically collects the list of items added earlier in the panel on the top right of the client.
  • A new category "Walking" has been added to the options in order to simplify the whole logic of movement delays. It is now more understandable for the player.
  • Minimap update. Some new places like "Castle" didn't show up after exploring the whole minimap.
  • Keyboard tracker added. It will be useful in tracking down people who use illegal software.
  • General optimization of flexibility and comfort of the game.

Once again, we invite all players for unforgettable adventures in the newly created world - "Spectrum", which will take place on Friday, February 11 at 18:00!

If you register and create character one day(24h) before the opening you will get an extra 2 days of Golden Account!
Information about exp rate, loot and so on will be updated in time on the Game Features page so keep it up to date.
2022-01-21 09:47:08
Game Worlds Merge
Dear players,

Worlds Realera and Renestia have been merged into the recently created world Warfare. The rates are based on the world that was the Warfare. Items from houses have been transferred to residence Depot.

Realera Team.