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2022-02-21 14:36:39
Daily list of the updates:
  • New resp undeads on Edron added
  • Helmet of the ancient protection phys. increased to +4
  • Sungorath exp increased to 500000
  • New tutor Minted recruited, you can bombard him with questions
2022-02-20 10:21:04
Frost Dragons
New changes that came in after today's server save:
  • Added sorting by type in vip
  • Resp frosts on anvers has been increased
  • Added action bar to client to enable options->interface-show action bar
  • Now name change removes also death list
2022-02-19 09:57:50
Added new Wyvern resp in Venore.

2022-02-18 11:14:59
Today's changes and improvements in the spectrum world, look on the list:
  • Added new Bog Raiders and Hydras resp in Ankrahmun
  • Added gems to all treasure NPCs. Violet(10000gp), yellow(1000gp), green(5000gp), red(1000gp), blue(5000gp)
  • Added key ring and soul orb to the market
  • Fixed digging scarab, from now its possible only around tombs entrace
2022-02-17 10:36:18
Today's list of updates and changes:
  • Added new Cults respawn in Edron
  • Castle access changed from level 100 to 70
  • Realera rule 6a) updated
  • Increased first ban time changed from 1 day to 3 and second from 3 to 7 days
  • Desert daily siege boss Amonhoteph exp increased from 30000 to 50000
  • Added stamina time on characters market
  • Fixed runes on market
  • Fixed not always working low level protection
  • Fixed "instant sell x" in NPCs not working when you have item in inventory
  • Added warnings amount in account page
  • Few small fixes on casts, like not sending private channels, house lists etc
  • Changed that PZ no loger block your shared experience in party