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February 23, 2024
A new spawn and quest have been added - more information can b..
A new spawn and quest have been added - more information can be found below.
February 22, 2024
The level requirements for some items from the Angel set have..
The level requirements for some items from the Angel set have been reduced from 150 to 120.
Items from daily quests that were missing in the encyclopedia and the market have been corrected.
February 21, 2024
A return teleport from Dragon's Lair to Elvers near the boat h..
A return teleport from Dragon's Lair to Elvers near the boat has been introduced.
An additional floor with a depot for Warzones areas has been added.
The experience gained for completing tasks has been better balanced, exp for some tasks have been increased, while for others they have been reduced.
February 20, 2024
A new outfit "Mystic Mage" has been added to the shop, it cost..
A new outfit "Mystic Mage" has been added to the shop, it costs 150 points.
February 20, 2024
A new islet has appeared on Elvers, where players can encounte..
A new islet has appeared on Elvers, where players can encounter the spawn of Ice Witches, Dragons, and Dragon Lords, Dragon Lair together with a new Magma Coat Quest.
The efficiency of the "Poison Storm" spell has been updated, improving the damage it deals and expanding its range from a 5x5 area to a larger, 6x6 area.
The respawn of Grim Reapers on Anvers has been updated and improved.
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2021-01-09 08:31:15

New Spawn

Reckless Tomb

We’ve added a new spawn which is located in Darashia. Make sure to check it out to find more details!

Also we have changed PVP Experience which was very bad last time, now it has limitations and should be much better.
Main changes:
- You can receive experience max 5 times from one player ( reset after server save )
- Each murder of the same player reduces the amount of experience by 10%.

Last thing that we want to emphasize is that the low level protection has been changed. Now the killer needs to be above level 100 and the "victim" has to be lower than 60. Before it was(80/40).
2021-01-08 09:17:49
Update and Weekend Bonus
Weekend is coming! We would like to inform you about the increased LOOT RATE to x3 from 09.01.2021 10:00 to 11.01.2021 10:00.
It's a good time for those who have delayed starting the game with us, but also for those who would like to make a little bit of money.
You can also expect updates in the coming days..

- Changed monsters that are drawn in the "boosted creature" lottery (from now only from tasks)
- New channel Auction Announcements added.
- Fixed frag system, from now on, damage dealt with mana does not count as frag.
- Added more monsters to Frozen Trench.
- Fixed Djin and Rashid's NPCs (more specifically, instant sell/buy)
- PVP EXP is restored for killing players.
- Fixed addon allocation in Beggar Outfit Quest.
- Added the possibility to cancel the auction on the website.
- Added opportunity to sell Legion Helmet to NPC Robert for 22gp.
- Added auxiliary messages at the NPC Noodles when we want to give up the sweeps in the wrong order or just don't have them.
- Improved waking up people in beds.
- Added the ability to set yourself a title in Guilds.
- Added display of Red Skull icon next to the character in Auctions.
- From now on Grizzly Adams after cancelling the task does not stop talking to the player, we can still continue.
- Fixed attack blocking when using vials etc.
- The "partial immunity" system in newly added monsters has been removed.
- Added 'Guild Members' filtering options to battle window in the client.
- Fixed Soul Fire rune.
- Fixed loot of all Quaras.
- Fixed loot of Blightwalker.
- Christmas decorations have been removed.
- Missing house in Ab'dendriel 'Treetop 9' added.
- Missing house 'Darashia 7, Flat 04' added.
- Damage reductions for the UE are set at 6 and above.
2021-01-04 09:57:50
Another Update
- Added "bring me to liberty bay" options to Jack Fate on Goroma.
- Fixed the time display in Experience History on the page.
- Fixed the wobbling lever on Edron (you know where).
- Improved access to magical grids in Astral portals mission in Explorer Society.
- USA Proxy server corrected, from now on it should work without problems.
- Improved Calassa flow at Captain Max (now requires a conversation with NPC Berenice).
- Added possibility to sell demonic essences to the NPC "The Bone Master" and "The Dream Master" for 350gp each.
- The missions of The Undersea Kingdom in the Explorer Society, more specifically the NPC Berenice, which gave the same missions over and over again if you wrote "mission".
- Improved Dotpay system points allocation (more precisely, full amount of points when buying with tens of e.g. 12.50).
- Improved purchase of the Atlas from NPC Berenice (required rank of Relic Hunter in Explorer Society).
- Added possibility to transfer items between teleports to HOIST.
- Fixed the range/attack of "exevo flam hur" spell.
- Added information about who the "magic wall" belongs to, just give Look at it.
- Added possibility to throw people out of guilds for leaders.
- Improved donation of books to NPC Costello in The White Raven Monastery Quest.
- Fixed the loss of life fluid from Dward Guard.
- Fixed /unban command (for support).
- The window storage in the client was optimized, earlier it started to lag when the config was getting big.
- Fixed the magic walls bug on the way to the Banshee Quest.
- The corpse of the Serpent Spawn monster has been fixed, earlier it was overhauled.
- Earth Elemental monster corrected.
- Fixed bug with saving battle, skills, vip etc.
- Added condition energy removal and drowning to NPCs temple.
- Santa Claus event ended.
- Removed possiblity to take wand of plague every server save in Kazordoon.
- Additional floor in DP on darashia added.
- Corpse of Water Elemental improved.
- Added options to discover 90% of the minimap in the Client.
- Desintegrate has been improved, earlier it could be used in a house.
- Increased Sea Serpents spawn.
2020-12-26 15:00:33
29.12.2020 we will be launching "team battle event" around 6 PM CEST.
Get ready for it!

- Added possibility to sell items using “instant” command. For example “instant sell 5 white pearls”.
- Added “instant withdraw” and “instant deposit” [x]/all command.
- Removed NPC Buddel which was located in the north from Barbarian Settlements. (He shouldn’t exist there on this version of the game.
- NPC Kenny now reacts to the word “shard” instead of “shards”.
- Deleted “dead wyrm” from monster loot.
- Added "shovel" to NPC: "Bertha", "Zora" for 50 gp.
- Added option “bring me to anvers” to NPC Nielson, costs 10gp.
- Added option “bring me to tibia” to NPC Nielson, costs 10gp.
- Changed the login length limit when creating an account to 8 digits instead of 10.
- Fixed the lever on the way to “Life ring quest”.
- Fixed using rope in one place on the way to POI quest.
- Added „muting option” for Tutors in World chat channel.
- Added possibility to sell “bloody edge” to the NPC Rashid for 30k.
- Fixed the task counting when using “exura sio” as a druid.
- Fixed the task counting when the monster is killed by “summoned monster”.
- Fixed “pushing people” out of the doors if there is a magic wall, pot or another item which is blocking the way on next sqm.
- Fixed NPC Nielson that teleported players even with “skulls”.
- Fixed "name change" on the page in the shop, now correctly changes every server save.
- Changed the required magic level for the "fire wall rune" from 13 to 6.
- Fixed "capacity" for "destroy field rune".
- Reduced the paralysis for Ice Golem.
- Slightly increased the loot from Cults.
- Fixed a bug in Postman Quest - Mission 7: Measurements.
- Added a shortcut “ctrl+b” to open “battle” in client.
- Fixed a lot of “map bugs”.
- Soul points needed to make a Great Fireball Rune were changed from 3 to 2.
- Fixed the following monsters - Hellhound, Dark Torturer, Hellfire Fighter, Fury, Nightmare, Destroyer, Plaguesmith, Crystal Spider.
- Fixed a bug with NPC Borkas which was giving a statue instead of a barrel.
- Increased Frost Dragons' respawn on Anvers Island and removed Crystal Spiders.
- Fixed gate of expertise on the way to the Pits of Inferno quest.
2020-12-24 10:16:50
Merry Christmas

May the miracle of Christmas bring you love and joy,
May the New Year open of the happiness door,
May all of your dreams come true,
Let you and your loved ones stay healthy!

We wish you all the best,
Realera Team