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LOOT WEEKEND! Over the weekend (13.08.2022 10:00 - 15.08.2022 10:00) the loot rate is increased to 3.5x!
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Welcome, wanderer, to the fascinating and nostalgic world of Realera Online. Take the role of a valorous adventurer, explore a huge realm of magic and mystery and make friends with people from all over the world!

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2022-08-03 10:21:17
We would like to inform you that with today's server save:
  • Added a new resp on Anvers (Yielothax)
  • Fixed the message where the Rashid is when logging in
  • Fixed few bugs in Cams Player
  • Added Hunting Analyser in Analytics Selector, it contains information about experience gained, dealt damage and recovered hp, killed monsters and in the future loot, profit and more.

2022-08-02 10:07:09
We'd like to present today's update, including:
  • Increased the old Wyrms resp by Elder Wyrms on Drefia (Entrance is to the north-west)
  • Angel Escutcheon added for Paladin too
  • Bug on new Pirate Spirit Quest corrected
  • Bug on the Dark Siege venore fixed
  • Fixed bug on client inventory when minimized
  • Added more Plague Schmits on the Dark Siege
  • Increased exp rewards for all 3 Daily Sieges check here (Sieges)
2022-08-01 13:58:39

Today we are also introducing PaySafeCard payments. Codes can be purchased online or in-store in most stores.
2022-08-01 09:46:49
We'd like to present today's update, including:
  • Fixed few bugs on Anvers map
  • Fixed NPC Vescu not responding to "bonelord eye", now it should work for words from every tibiawiki
  • Fixed few small bugs in Kissing a Pig Quest (sometimes u could get stuck)
  • Fixed stone on Pits of Inferno Quest, it is no longer possible to block it
  • Fixed saving Quick Looting containers after relog
  • Fixed NPCs Amber, Norma, Tom on Rookgaard, from now on we can do missions for addons
  • Added Loot Icon to assigned containers
  • Added Nightmares to Grim Reapers respawn on Anvers
  • Added PvP Stats on website, you'll find the biggest murderers/victims there
  • Changed auctions sorting, characters from Fanatic world comes first on list
2022-07-31 10:03:51
New Respawn - Grim Reapers
With today's server save there is a new respawn of Grim Reapers on Anvers.