June 8, 2024
Added five new achievements related to tasks: Undead Conqueror..
Added five new achievements related to tasks: Undead Conqueror, Reptile Wrath, Lizard Bane, Infernal Nemesis, and Prospector’s Doom. For more information, visit: Realera Achievements.
June 6, 2024
From now on, the teleports to the boss room in Warzones 1-3+ w..
From now on, the teleports to the boss room in Warzones 1-3+ will only open after all the monsters near the teleporter have been eliminated.
May 21, 2024
A new quest has been introduced, where the main rewards are th..
A new quest has been introduced, where the main rewards are three rings for each profession. More information on our Wiki:
May 10, 2024
A new crystal has been added, named the Yellow Crystal of Spee..
A new crystal has been added, named the Yellow Crystal of Speed, which enhances speed. More information can be found here:
May 8, 2024
Four new items have been added for level 400 sets: the Frostwi..
Four new items have been added for level 400 sets: the Frostwind Backpack, Eclipse Backpack, Sunward Backpack, and Blaze Backpack. For more information, visit
Two new tasks have been introduced by Grizzly Adams for players level 400 and above: the Hellflayers, which reward the Eclipse Amulet, and the Prospectors task, which reward the Sunward Amulet.
All level 400 sets have been enhanced to include HP and Mana regeneration. For more details, click here
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2022-11-28 09:31:28
Dear community, we would like to thank the entire Realera community for their support and all the suggestions in such a huge amount.
We very much appreciate your support, it is a pleasure to work for you so and for this reason, tomorrow we are starting a week of various updates.

Realera Team,
2022-11-16 14:46:02
Arcania World!
Dear Realera community,

We keep getting feedback from our community asking for a new release and here it is, the long-awaited winter edition called "Arcania".
We can already confirm that the official launch is scheduled for November 25 at 18:00, so be ready!

"Rates" namely all the terms and conditions of the game are not yet set. In time we will update it, so stay tuned to Game Features. Of course, with the time and work we put into this project, the quality of the server is improving in every aspect from the technical side and improvements to the server, and here is a demonstration of some of the most important of them:
  • A lot of players had a problem with the new game content so this time we mainly focused on developing information and spoilers so here is the "Realera Wiki" (
  • In reference to the previous subpoint, we have also created a extensive "Game Cyclopedia" with information about items, npcs and monsters. However, this will be implemented on the server after few days.
  • Items like amulets and rings display time and charges without having to click on them. Very useful during hunting and team fights, you will quickly find an amulet that has enough charges.
  • Ability to travel using money from the bank, the NPC will automatically charge the missing amount and inform you about it.

  • Guild War Statistics containing detailed information about player actions, such as magic walls, paralyzes, damage dealt or received. At the moment, the statistics include all wars together, but after the server is launched, we want to expand it with information about individual wars.
  • Market to make trading on the server smoother and not depend on the player's activity, we just go to the depot and buy the item we are interested in!
  • Hunting, Loot, Supply and Impact Analysers are available to track the progress of the game and quickly counting profit/loss.
  • Two-Factor Authenticator in order to minimize potential theft of accounts, which happens quite often on our server..
  • Cam System, after many attempts, we have finally created a system that works as it should and will help us find people using illegal software. It includes keybaord & mouse tracking, so there is no way to bypass this.
  • Shaders and Auras in order to improve the quality of the game and fun, many different variants that can completely change the look of your character!
  • Highscores module in the client, so players live can check their place in the ranking.
  • Global Deposit regardless of the city you will find the same items in each depot. From now on the game will be more dynamic, less boring.
  • Quick Looting for both free and paid accounts, the free account has some limitations but it is still very useful.
  • Advanced Proxy System - more than 10 different locations between which the game client continuously selects those with the lowest ping and connects to them.
  • Tasks reward bonus - The more kills you order, the higher reward percentage will be. For 200 kills and above there is +1% Exp or Gold, for 400 is +3%, 600 is +6%, 900 is +8%, 1000 is +10%.
Finally we wanted to answer some frequently ask questions
  • Paladin Quiver can be obtained from NPC Legola (Carlin) or Elane (Thais) after completing Paradox Tower Quest and 200 minotaur leathers.
  • There is Avalanche rune which deals ice damage. Druid will be more appreciated because of this.
  • Desert quest is soloable. This means you don't need a party of 4 professions to complete this quest.
  • Spears are breakable. The chance is around 2% (so very low).
  • There are Training Monks on the server, the entrance to them is in every temple in the teleport.
  • You can exchange 100 gold for a platinum coin by simply right clicking on it.
  • You can buy runes at the NPC but if u make them by your own they are x2.
The rest of the new things we plan to introduce will be announced in time after the server launch.
If you register and create a character in the new world "Arcania" a day(24h) before the start you will get an extra 2 days of Golden Account!
2022-08-28 08:39:45
We would like to present today's update which are:
  • Added color change in guild channel to green while gaining enemies kills
  • Protection of angel boots was increased by 2% and skill dist and armor by 1 level
  • Exura gran can now also be used by rookslayers
  • Added new types of helmet of the ancient depending on which item you use on it: Fire (small ruby) - (Arm:11, protection physical +4%, fire +6%).
    Energy (small amethyst) - (Arm:11, protection physical +4%, energy +6%).
    Ice (small sapphire) - (Arm:11, protection physical +4%, ice +6%).
    Poison (small emerald) - (Arm:11, protection physical +4%, poison +6%).
2022-08-24 11:07:20
We would like to introduce today's news which are:
  • New Tab in Skills module, now we can find information about the resistances on character
  • Spell cooldowns are now displayed in left corner of screen (you can disable it in Options -> Game -> Display spell cooldowns)
  • Added bat decoration, skeleton decoration, firlefanz and several others to market decorations
  • Added a new raid system
2022-08-21 08:12:54
Starting off, we would like to thank you all for the amazing support and the suggestions that we get from you on daily basis. We really appreciate a lot that you are participating in our tibia 8.0 project. It has been quite a long way already from the day the server has started (22.07.2022) - almost a month.

We would like to inform you that with today's server save:
  • Few fixes to Boosted Creature so monsters will not repeat (7 days delay)
  • Added information about owned House in Character Search
  • Added latest cams in client character list
  • Added command !cast description {desc} to casts, it will display every connect to cast
  • Skills window expanded by information about bonuses from items (it is highlighted in green if you have any bonus)
  • Fixed few map bugs
If you think we have stopped working on improvements, we are just working on Wikipedia which will describe all the systems like Quick Looting, Tasks, new quests and spawns. Creating such list takes a long time, so please be patient.