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LOOT WEEKEND! Over the weekend (13.08.2022 10:00 - 15.08.2022 10:00) the loot rate is increased to 3.5x!
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2021-09-23 11:11:44
Better connection
Alternative connection for South America players.

We would like to share something useful if you are using Exitlag.
This might help you with the high ping and lags. Here's tested configuration:
  • Login to Warfare - USA (our proxy connection)
  • Open Exitlag search for game 'Otserv'.
  • Use game region 'CA Montreal01' and apply routes.

2021-09-19 10:36:31
Daily Bosses

We would like to present a new update which are so 'Daily Bosses'.
A Swamp Boss named 'Swampling' can be found on Port Hope in a location on the map and the level requirement is 100.
The fire one called 'Deglorath' is located in the underground on the way to the POI and the required level is 150.
An ice one named 'Frostbreath' lives on the ice islands and you have to go through Vega. The level requirement is 200.

Items that can be obtained from these bosses are shown in the picture and their attributes can be found in the items library in the client.
This update comes with tomorrow's server save. Have fun!
2021-09-15 15:32:40
First real money tournament
Dear players,

We would like to announce the first guild war tournament with a prize of 300$.
It will take place one week after the server start and will depend on the number of registered guilds.
The rules of the tournament will be who loses is out, and the determinant will be the number of frags scored.
Which guild will fight with which will be chosen randomly.

Entry rules for the tournament:
  • Only the team leader of their own guild can apply via CTRL+Z. (If a member of the guild applies it will be ignored)
  • Apply only with the name of your guild. (Only apply once, if the guild exists we'll take it under advisement)
  • Applications will be accepted during first week of server start. (from 17.09 to 24.09 at 18:00)
  • Finally we will verify all applications and announce the tournament with detailed information about wars.
If everything goes well we will announce the next turn for $500.

Realera Team.
2021-09-10 11:12:35
Warfare World
Dear Players,

We are finally back after the summer break and we would like to immediately present the long-awaited start of the new world "Warfare".
In general, it will be a bit easier than the other worlds, namely some of the rates will be slightly higher.
During the gameplay, we plan to add new updates such as "Daily bosses", "Dungeons", real money tournaments and many more, of course after we explain exactly what this is all about.
Of course with the time we put in, the quality of the server is improving in every aspect from the technical side and server improvements.
Information about exp rate, loot and so on will be updated in time on the Game Features page so keep it up to date.

We invite you to the opening of the Warfare World on Friday 17th September at 18:00.
If you register and create character one day(24h) before the opening you will get an extra 2 days of Golden Account!

Realera Team.
2021-05-26 10:25:02

To Outfox a Fox Quest

The Ultimate Booze Quest
Added To Outfox a Fox Quest after completing which you get a Mining Helmet as a reward.
Added The Ultimate Booze Quest after completing which you get a Light Shovel and 1000 GP as a reward.