Grajczyk 293, Elite Knight..
Mi Chu Ja 263, Royal Paladi..
Dennis The M.. 250, Royal Paladi..
Cheef 245, Elite Knight..
Niight Buste.. 245, Master Sorce..
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2022-04-13 13:24:10
The respawn of Asuras on banuta has been increased by 2 additional floors -1 and -2, enjoy!
2022-04-07 10:49:03
New respawn!
With today's server save there is a new respawn on Anvers, there are Dark Torturers, Fury, Destroyers, have fun!

2022-04-01 10:04:09
Loot event
Loot event x3 like always activated for the weekend, happy hunting!
2022-03-27 13:09:36
We'd like to present today's update:
  • Added new Undead Dragons respawn in Anvers
  • Added possibility to sell golden amulet in Rashid for 4k
  • Added additional +400 cap to tool Quivier
  • Experience from Daily Siege and Daily Boss has been added after collecting the reward, before it was shared with the whole team after killing the boss
  • Fixed bug with Angelic Ring, before when it was discharged no other ring would work until relogin
2022-03-25 12:56:09
Loot event
Loot event 3x for the weekend is enabled, starting today and finish monday after server save, have fun!