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2020-12-07 10:57:17
New Season
Dear players,

We come back with a new edition of Realera 8.0 server, and at the very beginning we would like to boast a record of the last and the first time the server had 1200 players online! Moments have passed since the previous meeting, but during this time we have been improving the server in every possible aspect.

We would like to briefly describe what has been added, changed or improved.

- We've added a lot of new things to the game client, including an improved 'Cast System' and 'Game Store' icons for useful panels, so you don't have to go to the main page anymore.
- The gameplay itself has been improved with a new ice island with 6 new respawns and new quests.
- The outfitting system has been improved with 'Player Mounts' so that the player's character is unique.
- A 'Tasks' calculator has been added to the website which helps to calculate the prize before starting the task. For better spell information we have added 'Spells' wiki.

Due to the fact that this time the exp rate is lower, we decided to activate the 'Green Stamina (premium)' which gives +50% of the experience for 2 hours.

Most importantly, we have saved a lot of mistakes caught in the previous edition for which we especially thank our players who sent reports and shared their knowledge about 8.0.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the 'Game Features' that are always available, with detailed information such as exp rate, frag system and the like.

Realera Team.