November 27, 2023
The option to exchange crystal coins for Minor Crystalline Tok..
The option to exchange crystal coins for Minor Crystalline Tokens with NPC Gnomally has been introduced after completing Warzone 7 seven times, at the cost of 150k for one token.
November 26, 2023
The daily usage limit of the green crystal of experience has b..
The daily usage limit of the green crystal of experience has been increased to 2 per day and the price from 40 to 60 minor tokens.
November 26, 2023
Fixed quick loot sometimes changing item types such as vial wh..
Fixed quick loot sometimes changing item types such as vial when changing config.
November 26, 2023
Fixed several items in the market, now you can sell empty flui..
Fixed several items in the market, now you can sell empty fluids such as golden mug. Also fixed a small bug with golden mug and quick loot.
November 26, 2023
Items Cyclopedia now contains information about which monsters..
Items Cyclopedia now contains information about which monsters drops an item.
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2023-08-22 07:27:10
House Contest
Dear Players, we would like to announce that there will be an ongoing competition for the prettiest and the most unique house on our server.

We will be choosing the best looking house in our opinion and if you are interested in that - you might win some amazing prizes!

1st place – Gets an Reinforced Golden Boots, 1,200 points and Golden Account for 30 days.
2nd Place – Gets an Helmet of Hellish Damnation, 600 points and Golden Account for 14 days.
3rd Place – Gets an Amazon Helmet, 300 points and Golden Account for 7 days.
4th Place – Gets 200 points (scroll) and Golden Account for 7 days.
5th Place – Gets 100 points (scroll) and Golden Account for 7 days.

What should you do?
Try to decorate your house (or help your friend if you don’t own one) as best as you can and upload the image via our website or just go to the "Manage account" panel and follow the instructions.
We will be waiting till 27.08.2023 10:00 GMT+1 server save for yours applications and then choose a winner on the same day. The top five will be posted on our website at 17:00 GMT+1 and the prizes will be send to them.

Realera Team.
2023-08-19 07:35:00
Dear Realera Players,
below is the patch log from the last few days. At the same time we would like to inform you that the house competition will be announced tomorrow!

If anyone has a problem with lauching the client please open "%APPDATA%/Realera/Realera" and delete files (RealeraGL/DX.exe) then download again from website.
  • An additional quest has been introduced in Anvers. You can find more details about it at:
  • A new feature has been introduced for Knights, allowing them to exchange 5 Red Diamonds for 1 Red Crystal of Life and 5 Blue Diamonds for 1 Blue Crystal of Mana at NPC Razan after completing the Ancient Sarcophagus Quest.
  • The protection formula for lower levels has been revised. For detailed information, please refer to:
  • The action bar has been optimized, which will allow for even faster game login, even on less powerful hardware.
  • A lot of items have been added to the market/quick loot, please report any missing.
  • Fixed client bug not detecting buttons from XMouse Button Control.
  • The auction system has been improved, now you can create private auctions, search for characters by point range, also now in quests section we display which POI thrones the character has made.
  • The Pits Of Inferno quest should now be visible in the Quest Log.
  • Fixed bug by adding "no logout" zone in Archangel Marcus boss room.
  • The Team Battle event now changes outfits depending on the profession and balances the professions in the teams.
  • The experience for defeating monsters from the "Dream Haunters" task has been increased by 200 points for each of them, and for the "Fear Creatures," it has been raised by 300 points.
  • From now tasks completed at Grizzly Adams will be visible in the quest log.
  • The mechanism for removing unconquered monsters left behind by the previous team in Warzone bosses has been improved.
  • The minimum level required to wield the Jade Hammer has been reduced from 75 to 70.
  • The game balance has been improved through a slight reduction in the respawn count of Dark Torturers and Furies on the Anvers.
  • Added the missing client task for the Demon Outcasts.
  • Added "Loot all corpses from Tile" option to Quick Loot.
  • The resistance from energy has been changed to fire for Demon Outcast and Silencer.
  • New features have been added to the ceremonial ankh an item from the store, which displays currently blessings, defeated Bosses, Sieges, Warzones, and the remaining time when you can perform it again.
  • Improved Son of Verminor who should summon a Slimes.
  • The task of Blightwalker has been moved from Powerful Undeads to Plague Creatures.
  • The limit of required players for each siege has been reduced to 4.
  • Slight increase in the healing power of the "Heal Friend" spell.
  • Two new mounts Shock Head and Darkion have been added.
  • NPC Brengus from now will correctly buy and sell bows/crossbows.
  • The issue of saving the wsad walking after restarting the client has been fixed.
  • The Venomous Red Spider has been slightly improved by increasing hp, attacks and loot.
  • Recently missing items from the store have been included in the Surprise Box.
  • Two teleports from the Ice Siege have been added to make it easier to exit.

Best regards,
Realera Team!
2023-07-24 07:00:00
Revalia World
Dear Realera community,

With great pleasure, we are excited to announce that on August 4th, 2023 at 20:00 CET, a new world named Revalia will be launched! This presents a unique opportunity for players who wish to embark on a new adventure and discover all that is new.

We are thrilled to share that we have implemented numerous enhancements to the game client, resulting in improved player-server connection stability. As a result, we can ensure an unforgettable gaming experience for players from various continents, especially the USA, with smooth gameplay and minimal lag.

Revalia is filled with new quests, items, monsters, and respawn points, making the game even more intriguing. RPG players will undoubtedly appreciate this rich content.

In addition to our past updates, you will find a variety of new improvements, such as:
  • The ever-expanding "Realera Wiki" (, which mainly focuses on providing information and spoilers to help players overcome challenges they may have faced before.
  • An enhanced "Game Cyclopedia" built into the client, containing detailed information about items, NPCs, and monsters.
  • Hunting, Loot, Supply, and Impact Analyzers available to assist players in tracking their progress and quickly calculate their gains or losses.
  • Two-Factor Authenticator to minimize the risk of account theft, a common issue on open Tibia servers.
  • Cam System, tracking keyboard and mouse activity to prevent the use of illegal software.
  • Guild War Statistics that provide detailed information about player actions during wars such as magic walls, paralyzes, damage dealt or received.
  • In-game Market to make trading smoother, allowing players to buy items from the depot easily.
  • New Shaders, Auras, and Mounts that alter the appearance of players' characters, enhancing the gaming experience. Of course, these features can be disabled in the options.
  • Global Deposit feature, ensuring that each depot contains the same items, making the game more dynamic and engaging.
  • Quick Looting available for both free and paid accounts, although certain limitations apply to free accounts.
  • Advanced Proxy System selecting the game client's location with the lowest ping, providing a better connection. This is one of the reasons why you can play so smoothly on our server.
  • The old game client has been completely blocked. We recommend everyone to download it again to be sure its up-to-date!
  • Additionally expect many other updates to be introduced during the ongoing edition, which we cannot reveal just yet.
The advertising and streaming campaign for Revalia will also be expanded internationally, meaning that the game will gain even greater popularity than ever before.
As the next enhanced feature in this direction, we have added a fully automated session for Streamers, in which you will receive detailed information.
Be sure to visit our website to stay up-to-date with the latest updates and new content.

If you wish to receive an extra 2 days of Golden Account on the new world Revalia, don't hesitate and create your character no later than one day (24h) before the launch!

Best regards,
Realera Team
2023-07-18 07:00:00
Technical break
Today July 18, 2023, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM will be a technical break.
We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you soon.

Important! After today's update, it will be necessary to re-download the client from our website, and most importantly, all settings such as 'hotkeys' will be removed. If you want to recover your settings, copy the contents of the relevant files from the folder
This action should be performed with the client turned off.
2023-05-26 11:22:46
Worlds merge!
The world Resterium has been merged with the older world Arcania.
Items from houses can be found in the depot.
We wish you a successful game!