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2020-12-26 16:00:33
29.12.2020 we will be launching "team battle event" around 6 PM CEST.
Get ready for it!

- Added possibility to sell items using “instant” command. For example “instant sell 5 white pearls”.
- Added “instant withdraw” and “instant deposit” [x]/all command.
- Removed NPC Buddel which was located in the north from Barbarian Settlements. (He shouldn’t exist there on this version of the game.
- NPC Kenny now reacts to the word “shard” instead of “shards”.
- Deleted “dead wyrm” from monster loot.
- Added "shovel" to NPC: "Bertha", "Zora" for 50 gp.
- Added option “bring me to anvers” to NPC Nielson, costs 10gp.
- Added option “bring me to tibia” to NPC Nielson, costs 10gp.
- Changed the login length limit when creating an account to 8 digits instead of 10.
- Fixed the lever on the way to “Life ring quest”.
- Fixed using rope in one place on the way to POI quest.
- Added „muting option” for Tutors in World chat channel.
- Added possibility to sell “bloody edge” to the NPC Rashid for 30k.
- Fixed the task counting when using “exura sio” as a druid.
- Fixed the task counting when the monster is killed by “summoned monster”.
- Fixed “pushing people” out of the doors if there is a magic wall, pot or another item which is blocking the way on next sqm.
- Fixed NPC Nielson that teleported players even with “skulls”.
- Fixed "name change" on the page in the shop, now correctly changes every server save.
- Changed the required magic level for the "fire wall rune" from 13 to 6.
- Fixed "capacity" for "destroy field rune".
- Reduced the paralysis for Ice Golem.
- Slightly increased the loot from Cults.
- Fixed a bug in Postman Quest - Mission 7: Measurements.
- Added a shortcut “ctrl+b” to open “battle” in client.
- Fixed a lot of “map bugs”.
- Soul points needed to make a Great Fireball Rune were changed from 3 to 2.
- Fixed the following monsters - Hellhound, Dark Torturer, Hellfire Fighter, Fury, Nightmare, Destroyer, Plaguesmith, Crystal Spider.
- Fixed a bug with NPC Borkas which was giving a statue instead of a barrel.
- Increased Frost Dragons' respawn on Anvers Island and removed Crystal Spiders.
- Fixed gate of expertise on the way to the Pits of Inferno quest.
2020-12-24 11:16:50
Merry Christmas

May the miracle of Christmas bring you love and joy,
May the New Year open of the happiness door,
May all of your dreams come true,
Let you and your loved ones stay healthy!

We wish you all the best,
Realera Team
2020-12-22 10:43:21
- Added the Dragon Lords Dragon Exposition in Darashia.
- Added the Behemoths and Hydras expositions in Forbidden Lands (separate places, but side by side).
- The Cult Exposition on Anvers was enlarged.
- Reduced Ice Witch monsters on Anvers.

- Increased server limit to 4500 players.
- Improved "bring me to" in all NPCs.
- Increased capacity limit when moving objects (e.g. parcel).
- Improved Tasks on the website.
- Removed 2 blackboards in Ankrahmun depo, which were from the previous edition.
- Slime's body was fixed, from now on it disappears properly.
- Added display of digging location to Treasure Map (fake).
- Gently changed spell formulas: exori, exori gran, exori hur, exori mas.
- The teleport was moved to trainers in Kazordoon to the place where PZ.
- Reduced "exp boost" for "boosted creature" from 100% to 20% (100% is too much on version 8.0)
- Fixed the picture in the page store at "Draptor" mount.
- Female outfits in Game Store improved.
- Added options to sell Copper Shield for 50 GP to NPC Robert.
- Improved speed of the Larva monster.
- Use of items from houses to which you do not have an invitation is blocked (after next server save, 23.12)
- Fixed the attack of the "Bug" monster.
- Swimming on the Tyrsung Island has been improved after the start of the respective mission.
- Improved the appearance of the Earth Elemental monster.
- Fixed client shutdown when you want to enter the cast list (after next server save, 23.12)
- Fixed the amount to use when creating a magic wall rune.
- Improved chances of breaking in Enchanted Spear, Royal Spear.
- The chances of making an elephant with ice cube (obsidian knife) were increased.
- Accelerated green stamine regeneration on trainers from 10:1 to 6:1.
- New "Team Search" channel added, you can write there once every 2 minutes.
- The "quagmire rhodium" falling out has been improved (fell out "mill board") from Elder Beholder.
- Loot from the "Dark Torturer" was corrected.
- Improved "envenom rune".
- Added opportunity to sell "golden mug" at NPC Wyat for 250gp.
- Loot from Ice Witch corrected.
- The attacks of the Devil have been corrected.
- Added Thornback Tortoise to tortoises task.
- Fixed a bug in the bank if you added spaces to the person you are sending the money to.
- Added additional DEPO on -1 in Ankrahmun.
- The foods have been improved, now everyone gives a little more.
- Increased the chances of digging up Scarab Coin.
2020-12-19 14:36:01
After a long search for a problem related to the lags, we managed to find and fix it.
We are very sorry for this and will offer to increase the loot rate to 3x for the weekend as a compensation.

2020-12-18 17:35:39
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