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From 16/03/2023 10:00 we are launching the x3 loot!
Hopefully, this time will bring you a lot valuable loot!
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2023-03-24 10:33:34
Today we would like to present the latest changes, as well as those from a few days ago. Here they are:
  • The required level for titanium boots has been changed from 200 to 150.
  • A new command, "!grizzly," has been added to check the status of the Grizzly Adams task.
  • A new command, "!pz," has been added to check the time remaining for infight ticks.
  • Frag messages in the guild channel will now display in green or red depending on which member was killed.
  • A bug has been fixed that was not counting task kills when stacking or teleporting by the player.
  • Warzone stones will regenerate shortly after being destroyed by one team.
  • Information about the Venomous Red Spiders has been added to the wiki:
  • The Shield of Hellish Damnation is now visible in the Cyclopedia and Market.
  • The Infernal Bolt attack has been restored (only for new bolts) and the bolt has been changed to Crystal Bolt at the Gnomelvis NPC.
  • When canceling offer on market runes will come back in backpacks.
  • When opening Outfit Window it will automatically select first mount/aura/shader (some people didnt know they have to select it).
  • Improved cam system tracking, it's much more precise now.
  • Improved bankers NPC and its no more possible to transfer money to "yes" character (by mistake).
  • Fixed stamina regeneration while being offline, sometimes time was miscalculated.
  • Added level range calculator for party shared exp on wiki:
Realera Team
2023-03-22 17:00:00
House Contest Results
Dear Realera Players,

We received many beautifully decorated houses which made it very difficult for us to choose the prettiest ones, everyone has different tastes. Below we present you the best houses in our opinion. The prizes have been sent to depot inbox.

#1 - Mazio Ek

#2 - Zaku

#3 - Legendary Cassino

#4 - Deer Hunter

#5 - B-O-M Ba

#6 - Zinzingen Sev

#7 - Marczos

#8 (Rookgaard) - Prote Depo

2023-03-17 10:00:00
House Contest

House Contest

Dear Players, we would like to announce that there will be an ongoing competition for the prettiest and the most unique house on our server.

We will be choosing the best looking house in our opinion and if you are interested in that - you might win some amazing prizes!

1st place – Gets a Golden Outfit, 1,200 points and Golden Account for 30 days.
2nd Place – Gets a Golden Boots, 600 points and Golden Account for 14 days.
3rd Place – Gets an Amazon Helmet, 300 points and Golden Account for 7 days.
4th Place – Gets 200 points(Scroll) and Golden Account for 7 days.
5th Place – Gets 100 points(Scroll) and Golden Account for 7 days.

What should you do?
Try to decorate your house (or help your friend if you don’t own one) as best as you can and upload the image via our website or just go to the "Manage account" panel and follow the instructions.
We will be waiting till 22.03.2023 10:00 GMT+1 server save for yours applications and then choose a winner on the same day. The top five will be posted on our website at 17:00 GMT+1 and the prizes will be send to them.

Realera Team.
2023-03-16 10:00:00
Update & Loot Event
Dear Realera Players,

With today's server save we would like to announce a 3x LOOT EVENT (16.03.2023 10:00) and present to you the latest update, which includes:
  • A new Grims and DT respawn has been added to Fermur.
  • A new quest has been added to the Grims and DT respawn:
  • A new quest has been added to the Slight of Surrender respawn:
  • Typing "bring me to" and "instant" will now only appear in the Default channel.
  • Larger resize border in client windows such as backpacks or vip window.
  • After opening Depot, the window will automatically have a larger height.
  • Runed backpacks have been added to Gnometron NPC on Warzones.
  • The price of Volcanic Arrows has been reduced to 70 gp per piece.
  • The helmet of Hellish Damnation can now be upgraded by using a Green Diamond.
  • From now on, task kills will be counted to the player who dealt the most damage, previously it was counted to the player who make the last hit.
  • All new quests have been added to the Quest Log.
  • Missing raids, Tiquanda's Revenge and Pirates, have been added.
  • Fixed all holes on Treasure Island.
  • Fixed entrace at Kha'Zeel hill in Arito's Task.

Realera Team
2023-03-10 10:00:00
Dear Realera Players,

Yesterday during the Team Battle event an error occurred which led to a server shutdown. This event has been running for the last few months without any problems and we are very sorry that such a situation happened. Because of this we are suspending it for the next few days until we will be sure that it will work properly in all situations. In addition we are enabling today (Friday) x3 loot event until Monday's server save.

Also with today's server save, we would like to present the news, which are:

Realera Team.