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2022-08-14 10:10:35
We would like to introduce today's news which are:
  • Added Ice Siege on Anvers for levels 70+
  • Fixed bug with female corpse e.g. Witch or Amazon
  • Changed that you cannot enter to Archangel Boss after you kill him (not after enter)
  • Fixed Drowning condition, it should remove correctly now
  • Few optimizations in client, should be more smooth now
  • New analysers in Analytics Selector, Loot Analyser and Supply Analyser, some bugs may appear, so please report them on discord

2022-08-12 10:28:05
New Respawn
We would like to present today's update which are:
  • The isle of Elvers has been expanded with a new resp Water elementals and Ice Dragons
  • Level needed to write on Auctions channel has been changed from 30 to 20

2022-08-10 10:20:34
Today's server save brings more fixes and improvements which are:
  • Fixed all reported bugs related to Hunting Analyser
  • Fixed Grizzly/Client tasks
  • Fixed all Sieges/Bosses which sometimes did not teleport player to reward room
  • Fixed Ruin Tombs Faraon who sometimes did not respawn after first kill
  • Fixed cams for Realera Team, it was not possible to watch them
  • Fixed Winter Elf's corpses, quick looting, etc.
  • Fixed selling items from Key ring in inventory
  • Added tasks on new Winter Elves
  • Added thaian sword to Nah'bob
  • Added NPC Nielson to Elvers island, worth to note is that he can "kick" anyone from raft
  • Added timer visibility to amulets / rings
  • Added charges visibility to few amulets / rings
  • Corrected a very rare bug in which a character did not die when he had 0 hp.
  • Increased expperience for Medusa from 3600 to 4050
  • Changed rewards from ani on Rookgaard BOH to RH, Royal Spear to Dragon Lance
  • From now Rookslayers can use WOI
2022-08-07 11:07:28
New Island
After today's server save, we have introduced new island 'Elvers' on which there is a castle of Winter Elves along with a 150 level quest. In order to sail to it you need the same access as to Anvers and the ability to sail at NPC Nielson.

Also some worth to note info: blue legs are sellable to Rashid, bullseye/berserk/mastermind potions are listed in market now, loot analyser has been disabled due to coming update in Analytics Selector.

2022-08-05 11:44:04
Death Aura
With today's server save we have changed way of rendering map to fix some shaders/auras issues, please pay attention to map bugs in mountains and in any case report them to us on discord.

In addition we have introduced a new aura - Death Aura - which can be purchased as standard in our in-game store.