Angry 358, Elite Knight..
Depth 53, Sorcerer
Lamafazer 1, No Vocation
Dexo 1, No Vocation
Mr Noone 1, No Vocation
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In order to play on Realera, we REQUIRE to use our client to directly connect to the server.
Support List

Realera has appointed the following persons as "gamemasters" who have the power to stop destructive behaviour in the game or on the official website by penalising, banishing or deleting characters or accounts.

To report a violation of the Realera Rules please use the "rule violation report" by pressing Ctrl+R in the game. Moreover, you may contact a gamemaster concerning general questions on rule violations or banishments at the gamemaster board. Please understand that you should not message gamemasters directly in the game. For general questions about Realera please use the help channel (Ctrl+T) in the game to get help by a tutor.

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