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2021-02-21 08:56:25
Golden Outfit Quest

New Quest

Golden Outfit Quest

Added Golden Outfit to the game. The price costs have been changed. You can get it after talking with King Tibianus (Thais) or Queen Eloise (Carlin) or Emperor Kruzak (Kazordoon).
Outfit - 10,000,000 gold (1000cc)
First Addon - 5,000,000 gold (500cc)
Second Addon - 5,000,000 gold (500cc)

As always,
Realera Team
2021-02-15 09:16:40
New Quest

New Quest

What a Foolish Quest

Added new items and outfit – Jester Hat, Jester Staff, Jester Outfit & Addon. You can simply start the quest by talking with NPC Bozo which is located in Thais and joining the Fools Guild.

Big thanks to all the players that are still enjoying and supporting our server! It’s been almost 2 months since it started. We are keep going to update it and try our best. About some rumors that are in the air – we are not going to reset it. We might just open a new world if there is going to be a great interest in the future.

As always,
Realera Team
2021-02-09 10:02:48
New Mount

New Mounts

Two new mounts have been added today, you can buy them in Game Store (our client).
2021-02-04 16:53:50
House Contest
Below we present you the best houses in our opinion. The prizes have been sent to Thais Depo. About the number one, contact us via ctrl+r and choose the item you want.


1. Surprise Mthfcker


2. Czlowiek Respirator


3. Punio Legend


4. Din Mammas Kille


5. Jebac Cwela

#6 (bonus)

6. Fizyk Z Guadalupe and Dominio
2021-02-04 09:28:58

New Spawn

Asura Palace

We’ve added a new spawn which is located in Port Hope.

Added new monsters – Midnight Asura, Dawnfire Asura and Hellspawn. Some of the items that drops from them have been deleted from the loot table and some of them have been replaced for another ones, such as:
  • Magma Coat (Crown Armor)
  • Oriental Shoes (Boots of Haste) – chance to drop is slightly reduced.
  • Necrotic Rod (Volcanic Rod)
  • Underworld Rod (Springsprout Rod)
  • Golden Lotus Brooch (removed)
  • Peacock Feather Fan (removed)
Added new items - Spellbook of Mind Control (Def:16, magic level +2). It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids of level 50 or higher. This item cannot be bought but it can be sold at the NPC Alexander for a price of 13000 gold. Dracoyle Statue - This rare treasure can be charged with a (small emerald). You can use it as a decoration or sell at npc Rashid for a price of 5000 gold. Black Skull - Provides 4 squares of permanent red light or you can use it as a decoration. Gold Ingot - This item can be sold at the Jewelry Shopkeeper NPC’s for a price of 5000 gold.

Additional changes:
Reduced getting experience from Midnight and Dawnfire Asuras by 20%. The reason behind this is that these monsters are profitable but it might be changed in the future.